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We Can Make Health Care Less Scary for Transgender Patients

Major gaps continue to plague transgender medicine, including a lack of clinical and cultural training and education among health care professionals. Transgender health is missing from most medical school and residency curricula and the 2015 U.S. Transgender Survey found that 33 percent of transgender patients reported having at least one negative health care experience that year, including refusal of treatment and harassment.

This omission of transgender-related health education is harmful. It directly contributes to the health inequalities experienced by this group who are disproportionately affected by a number of health and social disparities. Transgender individuals have a higher prevalence of HIV/AIDS, mental health issues, victimization and suicide. While many have access to insurance, certain procedures can go uncovered or it can be difficult to meet all criteria when legal names change, and medical records do not match.

Read More: https://www.advocate.com/commentary/2019/7/09/we-can-make-health-care-less-scary-transgender-patients

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