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When Dysphoria is Misidentified as Feminism

Becoming more connected with the asexual world has brought me into close contact with transgender and enby assigned female at birth (AFAB) narratives. The asexual community I’ve found online is dominated by women generally and a great many AFAB people regardless of their gender; it’s new territory. What’s particularly interesting is the use of internalised misogyny to explain dysphoria away, and it makes sense: women are framed as unstable, weak, unreliable, incompetent, and slaves to our bodies. There’s a lot of hate out there; it’s easy to internalise it. But it got me thinking, doesn’t this work regardless of assigned gender at birth? Surely negative messages matter. If I were to apply this narrative to myself, how would my response be interpreted?

Read More: https://mavenroundtable.io/transgenderuniverse/articles/when-dysphoria-is-misidentified-as-feminism-yMfttkoo80WoSUTwM8om4A/

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