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Accepting Myself as Transgender at 45

Victoria Elizabeth explores her feelings on turning 45 and accepting the person she is.

It comes every year and there are some who try to forget it or not make a big deal about it (I am not one of them). It’s your Birthday. Mine was the 9th of February, my 45th on this planet and just 5 years away from 50. As with most people I don’t like getting old, but I am glad that I have the chance to get old as so many people like myself do not.

With birthdays there comes a lot of thinking about time and where you have gone in life. No, I am not going through a midlife crisis. I am not going to run to Vegas (I still want to go one day) or anything like that, but I have been thinking a lot in the last month running up to my birthday. I could sit here and think about how I have been on this Earth for 45 years now, and for most of that time I was not living as my true self. I could think that I wasted those years, but to be honest I don’t feel that way at all right now.

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