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The First Holiday With Extended Family After Transition

UA Nigro recounts the first holiday gathering she and her transgender wife experienced after transitioning.

As the holidays approach I can’t help but to think back to the good and bad of it all. This time of year can be especially difficult for couples in the early stages of transition. In our case, we essentially became hermits. As my wife was becoming herself, she did not feel comfortable being around friends and family yet. As she gained confidence in herself and her ability to pass, we began leaving the house and visiting with people we knew. However through our hermit phase we spent many a holiday at home with just our kids and some of their kooky friends that would rather be at our house than their own.

Never once did you hear a complaint from my mouth. I loved it, every minute of it. I did not have to get five people up and ready by a certain time, cook food that someone else was going to serve at their house, load up the car, remember to buy a hostess gift, drive in holiday traffic, and so many other things that I dislike about the holidays. I cooked what my family wanted to eat. We played games, did crafts, watched what we wanted to, and if we felt like staying in our pajamas all day, we did.

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