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Pride in London 2019 to ‘enhance’ security after anti-trans hijack

Pride in London 2019 will have “enhanced” security, organisers say, after the 2018 parade faced disruptions from anti-trans activists.

Pride organisers addressed their plans to change security events in their annual impact report.


The city’s 2018 Pride parade was marred by controversy in July 2018 after anti-transgender activists forced their way to the front of the parade and physically blocked the march from taking place.

PinkNews filmed live from the scene as, after a brief negotiation with Pride organisers, the group were allowed to proceed unimpeded down the entire parade route, displaying signs opposing transgender rights and distributing anti-trans literature.

Pride organisers offered several contradictory responses, initially saying the decision was taken to allow the group to proceed because “hot weather” made it unsafe to remove them, before later telling PinkNews that Metropolitan Police officers declined to remove the protesters because their actions did not constitute a “criminal offence.”

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