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Craigslist Alternative Personals, Android App

Everyone knows that it was easy to meet transgender individuals on craigslist. Some sites unfortunately would allow sex trafficking, escorts to overrun the sites with ads. This called in to effect for the govern to passĀ FOSTA-SESTA.

After these laws were passed, this has left websites used by individuals to choose other sites to meet other people. Websites have popped up to fill this gap, but leaving alot to still not include transgenders. Websites like doublelist, bedpage were quick to fill this gap, but now leave out sections for transgender individuals.

After searching the net, we have come across several links, sites that are now starting to make room for safe ads, but allow transgenders to post and reply to ads. Thse sites seem to be what they claim. In recent articles we have seen when searching for real transgender dating sites. They try to bait and switch users, or bias to users. Personally, i do not know about you, but I AM SICK AND TIRED of websites claiming to be good for people to meet. Then you can not contact people unless you pay, or websites that allow transgenders to message, but make males pay, its SAD, SICK.

We have in recent months informed of a android app, website we found helpful, free, seems to be really allow individuals to meet each other without forgetting transgender individuals.

Please leave us comments, or share us your thoughts, if you have bad or good results from these, or can inform us of other sites, you use, have tried, please let us know.

TOP 5 NEW, Existing Websites, Apps, Alternatives To Craigslist Personals To Try

Includes Transgender Categories

No Escorts, Sex Trafficking Applies

1. – Free website for transgender individuals to meet, over 150,000 members.

2. CasualShock – New Android app for users to post and reply to ads in a craigslist similar way.

3. TGMeet – Free Transgender dating app and website climbing with over 10,000 members

4. – Free craigslist type website to post personals ads with transgender categories

5. – Free ad website for transgenders to post search ads












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