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How We Can Raise Voices Within the LGBTQ Community

On the latest episode of The Advocates podcast, the show dedicated to LGBTQ issues across generations, Advocate editorial intern Jessa Powers joins cohosts Tracy E. Gilchrist and Jessie Earl to talk about her recent article “To Everyone Who Has to Stay Closeted on National Coming Out Day” and how we need to always remember the voices of the most vulnerable when they can’t speak for themselves. The three also discuss “cancel” culture and how we can include the voices of problematic figures like Caitlyn Jenner in our community after all the damage they may have caused.

For hot topics, Earl breaks down the recent continuing stream of anti-transgender news from the Trump administration and how it ignores science and biology in an attempt to harm the trans community, and how she had her faith in humanity restored by her recent panel at the Los Angeles Comic Con. Also, Gilchrist shares news about her recent vacation to the East Coast as well as the queer feminism of the new Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Netflix series. For homework, the two cohosts talk about punk poet Patti Smith’s life with Robert Mapplethorpe through her book Just Kids.

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