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A Trans Experience at New York Comic Con

NYCC2018 was not my first comic con. I have been going for the past 4 years, and each time it has been a fun weekend. It’s one of the few places where being a transgender woman of color, or just being a transgender person in general does not matter at all. There is so much going on with cosplay all over the place that the crazy outshines you (that’s crazy in a good way). No one is spending time giving you looks over your gender or how you are presenting as it all about the cosplay.

I find myself not being as guarded as I normally would be when I am in a public place and it is a refreshing feeling, but that’s not why I go every year. I go because I am a fan. I am a geek, and every year when I first walk into the Javits Center for the first day of the event on Thursday morning, I think to myself about how I am one with these people. Even before I embraced my true identity, I knew my seat at the geek round table was already in place.

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