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How Transgender People Are Received In Public + Video

Artist, writer and activist Travis Alabanza caught up with indy100 about performing gender, what it means to put on a costume and how trans people are received in public places, ahead of their show Burgerz.

Travis – who uses they/them pronouns – had the idea for the performance, which will be their mainstage solo debut, after they experienced transphobic harassment while walking down the street.

“[Burgerz] is following an incident that happened in 2016 where someone in broad daylight threw a chicken burger at me while calling me a transphobic slur. Since that moment two years ago I became obsessed with what it means to be outside as a trans person.”

The show will explore how our gender presentation affects how people perceive us.

“If we’re really looking at feminist politics, that is all about wearing what we want and our bodies not being treated badly because of what we’re wearing, it seems so ridiculous that trans people have been separated from that narrative, when for me, a trans politik is essential to the feminist movement too.”

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