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Is There a Good Day to Come Out?

Coming out day raises a lot of questions with no good answers.

I came out nearly as far away from the year as one can get from coming out day. It was an accident: I didn’t know the day existed until later, but I take a certain pleasure in the coincidence. Coming out is a risky business. It’s a letting go, a relinquishing of control. Perhaps I miss the point, but the idea that we all have a day where we celebrate being thrown to the wolves seems a little odd.

Many manage to come out safely, particularly if their coming out was sexuality. Gender is more dangerous by several degrees in most places. My sexuality coming out has been more of an evolution over several months rather than days, but I did send my mum a text at one point that simply read, “Definitely gay.” We moved on without ceremony. I don’t even remember if more was said about it.

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