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The fight for transgender healthcare at work

Transgender people often require a great deal of medical care. Mental health counseling, hormone therapy, speech language therapy, mastectomy, facial feminization, sperm retrieval or egg freezing — just to name a few — can cost thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

But if an insurance provider classifies a procedure as “cosmetic” rather than “medically necessary,” trans people are forced to pay out-of-pocket. Or risk going without care that can be vital to their health.
Even when insurers won’t cover certain procedures, some employers will step in and offer coverage. In the last decade, hundreds of companies have revised their healthcare plans to financially assist employees in gender transition and gender affirmation surgery. In 2009, when the Human Rights Campaign first began asking companies about transgender-inclusive benefits as part of their company rankings, only 49 major US employers offered them. In 2018, HRC says a record 759 companies now offer transgender-inclusive healthcare coverage.
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