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These Dating Websites, Apps Could Help You Meet Your Match

When you are a  Transgender individual, as all individuals could be difficult to find a compatible mate. We have looked on line , the majority of dating websites, dating Apps do not notice Transgender individuals. These websites, Apps do not have categories, or settings in place for Transgender individuals to post profiles.  This has created a sad fact in on line dating for abuse. Sites are now on line claiming to cater to Transgender individuals. These sites claim to invite Transgenders to join, then add high prices to accounts just to communicate with others. In other cases these sites will allow specific gender groups free, then making others pay to use the platform to contact.

We find this issue disturbing, in some ways it should be considered bias. No site should treat one gender better then another, just to earn profits.  We have located several websites thats are stating what they offer, and are sticking to it. These sites are offering free communication for all genders who use the platform. We believe this to be fair and balanced for all uses and all genders.

We hope this will give Transgenders a little easier opportunity to communicate with others, to build relationships based on individuals, not profit.

Please if you know any reliable websites offering a good service to the Transgender community, please share, we will gladly look and add the site to the list.

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