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New Jersey Progressing On Transgender Birth Certificate Bill

The New Jersey Senate Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens Committee Thursday passed a bill, by a vote of 6-2, that will make it less demanding for transgender individuals to change their state-issued birth authentications to mirror their exact sexual orientation, paying little respect to whether they’ve had any sort of sex affirming medical procedure.

The bill, which passed the state Assembly in June by a vote of 43-27, would require the state Health Department to issue remedied birth authentications to people who have gotten “clinically proper treatment with the end goal of sexual orientation change, in view of contemporary therapeutic principles.”

Generally, the new law would permit a transgender individual who had gotten hormone substitution treatment — a typical treatment following a determination of sex dysphoria — to acquire refreshed records once the individual submits evidence of treatment as a testimony marked by their therapeutic supplier.

The bill still should be passed by the full Senate, before going to Gov. Chris Christie to be marked into law.

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